Risen from the waters of Danube
while old women thread red and white strings creating talismans to welcome the spring as they learn the language of the sun once more.

A child buys snowdrops and cherries on the way to school.

The river maps his way through different lands.

Water fills me and fishes feed my body through the year.

Always playing hide and seek with my lucky star.

I look at the moon and wonder what’s on the other side.

My mother braids my hair,
and I dress with motifs getting ready to dance on the folk notes
as I honour the past with the likes of me.

I fly kites in remembrance of legends,
and the sky paints change colours.

I summon the mother of animals and plants to buy time with spells but end up running from the virgin forests before they engulf me, and I turn into dust.

They still leave me behind landing in the country of Zeus and his children.

They send letters to remind us of their presence.

I carve wings on the wooden doors to shorten the distance.

The seasons change, and they find their way back, only to steal me from my nest.

They take my hand and desperately erase my skin from belonging again.

The train leaves and I don’t remember If I waved goodbye or promised to come back.

“Mother, who am I?”
Only silence met my gaze.

I look out of the window of the car with tears in my eyes watching a Ferris wheel decorated in bright colours going round and round reminding me of the cycle of life.

You demand to go faster,
but you end up out before you finish your sentence.

“I don’t understand a word. I don’t belong.”, I think to myself.

Everyone smiles and cries but in a different tongue.

It’s familiar and strange.

I respond with my own trying to give them a piece of my heart.

People fail to reason but what’s inside them always bring them together.

I start my epic voyage to form friendships with mermaids and amazons and find my way to Ithaca.

The wind blows through trees and birds change their direction meeting distinct clouds.

I wonder if they miss home too.

The clock is ticking,
and I find myself mixing with the new crowd.

I fail to remember the old days.


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