My two feet grew on this piece of white and blue earth

but they were meant to walk a different city,

and they sent me across the ocean to breath new air.

I learn from the beginning

every sound, every smell, every taste,

how to move around me.

I lost a mother, a friend, a lover

I waved goodbye

I said I’ll come back.

However, my feet forgot

the city lights blurred all memories

they erased my past.

I built myself piece by piece

a new castle.

I forgot how unpredictable the sand is

and how brutal the waves tear everything apart.

They wipe out each sign of my existence

I’m left alone to put myself back together

creating new paths

drawing new suns

like a small child

innocent but broken inside.

I tell lies, hide the old me, put space between us,

I run away from different lines

try to make my own rules

still, I land with a thud.

My dreams

small pebbles

I kick hard to lift the burdens of my former self.

I scream yet no one hears

I feel like a fraud.

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