I let go

From the lips to the heart

That’s how falling in love was done

While you were holding other hands

He loved my heart

Before he taught me how to kiss

Unlike you, he was the one for me

Your words a song to my heart

Became a lie to my ears

I was the moon

You were the sun

I was living under you

Only seeing you at night

While you were crawling into my bed like a thief

He poured a star shower onto me

Making love to only me

I let go

I let you come to life at sunrise and sunset

Never see me again at night

While we were blooming in the night sky

You were keeping company to strangers during the daytime

But we all know how they keep a mask on

They become real when looking at the moon and stars

Wishing to find their love

Because they know that the moon and stars found each other

While you played with fairies and glitter

I was breathing his magic

I let go

Even if we are one sky

Since I gave you a part of myself

I became dark but found my light

You remained bright but turned to ashes

You were never true to yourself

Even to the ones you had under you

I let go…

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